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Please find the attached project summary for both the collection and repurpose teams for January 2019.

Rose Gooding 10 months ago

Status label added: Project Summary

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Sam Swain 10 months ago

Great to see the project is moving forward leaps and bounds. The biggest challenge for Timor is always going to be the re-purposing of the product collected.
I have been thinking about Timor a lot, Indonesia has a similar waste problem.
Someone mentioned to me recently about 4Ocean, from what I can understand it is a "for profit" organisation, but buy selling a cool product they clean the oceans - 1 bracelet = 1 pound of trash removed.
My question, is there a way that this model might be suited to Timor, particularly with the re-purposing of the products, ie utilsing the plastics to form simple solutions then marketing. Maybe even paying people to clean up parts of Timor, then invest this solution into other things such as waste capture technologies etc.
Even if it becomes a partnership with them maybe?


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George Harries 3 months ago

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