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[Project Summary]: Fuel Timor-Leste January 2019

The Fuel Sustainability project in Timor-Leste has now been running for three months and in that time has made significant and rapid progress. The January team has spent most of the month focusing on refining the three proposed solutions, validating the findings of previous months, determining the supply chain of each solution and the associated costs and also conducting price testing in several areas of Dili. As a result of our hard work, the project is in a strong position for follow-up teams to take the project to the next stage.

Our first two weeks were focused on validating the findings of the previous team, performing competitor analyses, designing experiments and refining some of the solutions. We made several batches of briquettes for use in testing and to show potential customers. Investigation began into creating supply chains for the stove and briquettes with a particular focus on determining local manufacturing costs. Research into manufacturing of stoves from India was performed and the process of importing the stoves from India to Timor-Leste was investigated.

The final two weeks of project were focused on investigating a potential partnership with the Bamboo Institute, experimenting with their products, engaging with manufacturers to get quotes and continuing price testing with promising results.

The February team will need to finalise the manufacturing of the stove and price testing as well as beginning the process of making sales. Additionally, they will need to experiment with and refine the Bamboo Briquettes to address issues preventing progress of the briquettes to the sales stage.

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