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[JAN] Project Summary - FarmEd Timor-Leste

Chris Zancanaro
Chris Zancanaro | 11 months ago | in FarmEd - Timor-Leste

January 2019 was a big month for a little team in Timor. The main priorities were finding distribution channels which could scale efficiently. To this end, our main focus was on organising community meetings to speak to as many farmers as possible. We used these meetings as an opportunity to introduce farmers to our pH sensors and their value. The app was then presented as a complement to the sensor. 

Also, we continued conversations with potential partner organisations such that they could move forward as soon as the app is ready to be released. The organisations we are currently in discussions with are: KMANEK Supermarkets, CCT, Mercy Corps, HIAM Health, CARE International, USAID-AVANSA and the Ministry of Agriculture. 

In January we also spent a huge effort in translating the FarmEd app into the local language, Tetun. This involved working closely with University interns who work for us as translators and community contacts. 

Rose Gooding 11 months ago

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