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[PROJECT SUMMARY] Social Consulting and Micro-finance Malawi January 2019

The January Social Consulting team focused on the development of systems designed to reduce the high default rate we are currently experiencing with our payment plan loans, provided through the solar team. To do this we focused on the development of an automated CRM system which integrates with a texting service, and financial software to track payments and text customers when payments are due and received. We also focused on developing a means of risk profiling customers through surveying of current customers and village bank members, to try and gain an understanding of the systems they use. Moving forward the functionality of the new CRM system and its effectiveness at communicating with customers need to be tested, and further information on our customers both current and new needs to be collected in order to develop a means of assessing customers before providing a loan.


We have developed an automated CRM system and proposed two experiments for testing of this system moving forward. The use of USSD has also been proposed to allow customers to communicate with us and potentially update their details in the CRM.

Further information:

Proposed Experiments:


Risk Profiling:

19 current customers and 11 village bank members were surveyed to better understand the financial situation of our customer segment, with the goal of developing a risk profiling tool from this information. More data must be collected on this front moving forward.

Proposed Experiments:

Experiment Results:


Customer locations:

One issue experienced by SoCon during January was that it can be quite difficult to locate our customers in Nancholi. A means of recording their home location at point of sale needs to be established

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