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[Project Summary]: Solar Consulting January 2019

The January Solar Consulting team had three major focuses; training at least 3 agents, creating a base case of CRM and the validation of Blantyre sales and lead generation. Additional to this were three minor focuses; determination of customer archetypes, development of a USSD base case and the distribution of 100 products. Links to these experiments and their results can be found here on Crowdicity or within the Project Summary document.


Throughout the month there were 4 agents trained to be able to operate the Blantyre Stall with PEV personnel. These agents were very receptive to the training, displayed the skills required for agents and showed a huge passion for the project and PEV involvement. Future developments of the training will lead to agents operating autonomously throughout the year in a range of channels leading to product sales.


The chosen CRM, Zoho was set up and integrated with accounting software (Xero) and messaging service (Twilio) to create an MVP of what will be Solar’s digital management system. There are improvements and optimisations to be made, but the main focus moving forward will be debugging the MVP to ensure that basic operations can be managed completely through this.


A stall was established in Blantyre whereby a large number of expressions of interest were collected and 25+ potential customers being acquired from 3 days of operation. However, due to a barrier of not carrying cash on hand and ineffective lead retention strategies, these weren’t able to be closed. Iterations were proposed, however, due to weather 3 days of stall operation had to be cancelled at the end of the month. Implementation of a layby system or another means of ensuring the close is a strong recommendation for the next month.


From the minor goals, the USSD base case has the foundation created to be utilised and slightly modified. Given the technical coding requirements and also a low priority for project impact it is recommended that merely next steps be determined through February and it enacted during the R&D period. Six customer archetype categories were determined with a simplified survey that determines automatically which they fall into and any outliers that form. However, due to the lack of sales and accessibility to previous customers, this will need to be validated during February. In terms of sales, critical learning has been that in January rural villagers have minimal expendable income. This is a result of farmers not harvesting crops until February, school fees due in January, rainy season weather impacting community meetings and festivities of Christmas and New Year’s. As such, it is recommended that January have a focus shift in the future. 

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