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[Project Summary] January 2019

The January Health Team had three primary focuses; completing the offer testing stage, preparing currency test experiments and finalising the experiments for research protocol. The full outline can be found in the attached document, and an abridged summary can be found below.


The first focus broke down to two elements. Firstly, the problem statement was synthesised and offer tests were executed, and currency testing experiments were designed.


Offer Testing Posts

Experiment results [1/2]:

Experiment results [2/2]:

Black label:


Currency Protocol Post

Experiment design:


Secondly, research protocol experiments were designed for stages 2 & 3 and the beginning of RP 1 was initiated.


Research Protocol Posts

Experiment design [2/3]:

Experiment design [3/3]:


The next team will execute on the currency test and continue to collect data for research protocol 1. The February team should also start to look at executing RP stages 2 and 3.

More detail can be found in the full January handover document 

Gabriel Raubenheimer Jan 29, 2019

Status label added: Project Summary

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