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[PROJECT SUMMARY]: Hidden Hunger Malawi - Project Summary January '19

January 2019 is the second month of Hidden Hunger in which we have focused on two major customer groups, mothers with young children and organisations in the Malawian nutrition space. After December validated mothers as a viable customer segment, we focused on problem definition and validated three centric problems that rural Malawian mothers are facing. Since then, we have continued onto solution and utility testing through a range of experiments proposed and executed below. Another major project that we undertook was looking at the potential for businesses within the nutrition space as customer or partner.


January ‘19 Team executed experiments and results


January ‘19 Team proposed but unexecuted experiments

False-door testing



January ‘19 Team black label


February ‘19 Proposed Experiments

  1. Currency Testing

Utility Testing

  • False door test

Business to Business Customer Segment

  • Offer testing - door knocking for meetingsCurrency testing - pitching software to businesses

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