Project Everest

[Project Summary]: Microfinance Fiji Jan 2019

The Social Consulting and Microfinance teams in Fiji are still very much in the empathy stage of operation; looking to further define the problem and customer segment aspects of this project and space before moving to offer any product or solution. 

The January SoCon team's in Fiji worked hard this month to define the customer segments and problems within the Microfinance space. The segments and problems explored this month looked into small businesses and SMEs, agricultural merchants, and financial institutions - which are explained in the project summary below. 

It is important to note some of the main challenges this month. It is proving a challenge for the SoCon teams to adequately define the problems within the Microfinance space because it is so multifaceted and interacts with all areas of peoples lives and businesses. It is also important for future teams to consider the viability of operating a Microfinance business in the future, and how best we can incorporate all the research we do on the ground to a solution that's actually scalable and sustainable. This is explored more in the future actions section of the handover. 

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