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[Feb 19] Sales Agents & Retailers (Channels) - Fuel Fiji

Lean Phase: Channels

Assumption: That the Buka 4.0 and Buka Dragon can be sold through sales agents and retailers

Time Box: 4 weeks

Key Metrics:

  • Amount of sales agents and retailers that sign MOU's to distribute the Buka 4.0
  • Amount of stoves sold through sales agents and retailers
  • Amount of EOI's from sales agents and retailers to distribute the Buka 4.0

Green light point

  • 4 additional retailers or sales agents sign MOU’s to distribute the Buka 4.0
  • 8 Buka 4.0 stoves sold through retailers or sales agents in February
  • 6 EOI's from sales agents or retailers for the Buka Dragon


Green light

  • Have this system run autonomously between February and July
  • Continue to look for further retailers and sales agents to expand this channel
  • Look for sales agents and retailers outside the Sigatoka region and expand the geographical reach of the business

Orange light point

  • 2-3 additional retailers or sales agents agree to distribute the stove
  • 3-7 stoves sold through retailers or sales agents in February
  • 3-5 EOI's from sales agents or retailers for the Buka Dragon

Orange light optimise

  • Increase marketing efforts by improving our Facebook marketing strategy and looking at further marketing channels to reach our consumers
  • Negotiate the agreement between retailers and sales agents and PEV to one that is more suitable to their interests

Red light point

  • Less than 2 additional retailers or sales agents sign MOU’s to distribute the stove
  • Less than 3 stoves are sold through retailers or sales agents in February
  • Less than 2 EOIs from sales agents or retailers for the Buka Dragon

Red light

  • Look at different distribution channels to distribute the stove


Experiment Build


Currently we have the following sales agents/retailers that have the stove on their shelves:

  • Foodhall in Sigatoka
  • Shop 2 Save in Sigatoka
  • Inland Coastal Tours (Josh) in Sigatoka
  • B.L. Naidu

The following retailers have expressed interest in stocking the stove but the relationship hasn’t been solidified yet:

  • Kasabias
  • Vinod Patel’s
  • RB Patel’s
  • Rups Big Bear

What we have found from attempting to stock the stove on shelves of various retailers around Sigatoka is that the large, established retailers have complex and lengthy processes to decide whether or not a product gets shelved. Consequently, it is easier to have the stove distributed by smaller and more informal stores and distributors. While the February team should continue to pursue our relationship with the above retailers, more emphasis should be placed on establishing relationships with informal retailers and middle men that can distribute the stove and receive commission for doing so.

Note: Details of our interactions with the abovementioned stakeholders can be found on Hubspot.


1. Contact the above mentioned stakeholders to gather information on current and future retailers

2. Identify potential informal retailers and sales agents that could be suitable to distribute the stove. Ideas include: informal retail stores along the side of Queens Road (e.g. near Semo village), middle men around the fruit markets, taxi drivers and carrier drivers around Sigatoka. Gather EOIs.

3. In order for an agent to be suitable they must fit the following criteria:

  • Be able to communicate with us via an internet method so we can communicate with them when we are not in country;
  • Be able to pay us by delivering cash to ANZ and giving ANZ our account details.

4. If the potential sales agent is interested:

5. If the stoves are sold and the agent contacts us to order more:

  • Check that the payment has come through on the bank account
  • Give them more stoves

6. If the agent does not contact us two weeks after the stoves have been given to them:

  • Contact them to check whether or not they have sold the stoves
  • Identify any potential blocks that they may be encountering to selling the stoves
  • Flag any issues surrounding reliability

 7. If enough EOI's for the Buka Dragon are gathered, advertise and run a workshop/online video for all interested parties to demonstrate the stove and promote retailing.

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Lucy Preiss 1 week ago

Hey Fuel, there's a few things I'd like to see fleshed out on this.

Firstly, can we think about what value an EOI has over an MOU. In the context of PEV, EOIs are important because you can't qualify someone and get them to make a deposit in a lecture theatre. In Woolworths, an EOI has very little value because if someone doesn't purchase bread whilst they're in the shops then them putting their name down to say they might buy some bread in the future doesn't really have much tangible meaning. I'm happy to discuss this with you but potentially this question can be answered by fleshing out what your sales agent pipeline looks like and whether you could jump straight into signing MOUs with them (especially when we only have 3.5 weeks left in country).

Secondly, have a think about what you're measuring in each of your metrics. EOIs and MOUs measure how many sales agents you can get on board but sales conversions measure how effective your sales agent/store channel is. These are like two steps in a process (ie you want both a lot of sales agents AND for those sales agents to have a high conversion rate, but you can't measure the second until you have the first). What happens if one of your sales agents isn't converting? Do we cut them loose? I'd like to see this fleshed out more.

Also, I can't actually access the MOU link, in the future can you post as a pdf so that everyone from the PEV community can access. Your MOU might already include this but make sure it talks about payment methods, ways to mitigate missed payments, missed deliveries, defects, returns etc. Loop this through to me before you start getting these signed please.

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Lucy Preiss 1 week ago

Status labels added: Proposed Experiment, Under Review

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Fiona Aaron 1 week ago

In addition to Lucy's comments - I'd like to propose that ales agents and retailers aren't in the same experiment. Theres a chance we will pursue one and not the other, both or neither and to have their success tied in one experiment won't give us really clear info on the success of either.

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