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[FEB 19] [FUEL TIMOR] [2/2] Briquettes Usability Testing and Customer Engagement

Ben Disher
Ben Disher | 2 months ago | in Sustainable Fuel Consulting

Lean Phase: Solution


Assumption: The briquettes developed are intuitive and simple to use, and have an appeal to customers.


Time box: 1 week testing, 1 week iteration, 1 week testing.


Key Metrics:

Immediate response to the product. This can be measured quite independently and without the customer’s knowledge to remove bias.

% of customers that can light and cook with briquettes without assistance or explanation.

% of customers that can light and cook with briquettes after an explanation/demonstration


Success Points

Green Light Proceed - Continue to develop the recipes to ensure easy lighting and consistent burning. Use feedback to develop the briquettes based on feedback.


Success Point -

  • 30% of customers require no explanation. No explanation means just giving a briquette sample and seeing  how they go cooking with it. 85% of customers can use briquettes after an explanation or demonstration.

  • At least 75% of customers are interested in the product or show a positive response.


Orange Light Optimise -

Understand what were the key differences between briquettes and firewood, what made using them difficult. Would clearer explanations help? Is there a better way to demonstrate how to use them, and if so what level of demonstration is required to get a customer to the point of independent use? Are there people currently using briquettes that we can learn from?


Failure Point -

  • 10% of customers can use them without explanation or anything. 50% of customers are able to use them after demonstrations or explanations.

  • 25% of customers are interested in the product or show a positive response.


Red Light Failure Point - Understanding what the blocks were in both how the briquettes are used and how they are explained or demonstrated. Do they need to be redesigned to burn better or light easier? Potentially speaking with NGO’s who have tried to implemented briquettes before, asking questions such as what kind of education and demonstration is necessary?


Experiment Build:


Initial empathy explaining what we are working towards in Timor regarding fuel. To reduce bias and try to simulate a store/end state distribution experience the briquettes should be presented fairly early. At this point the initial response to the briquettes should be recorded. Ideally the customer is willing to try the briquettes as a sample, and then we would allow them to use them how they intuitively use them. If this fails then giving an explanation and demonstration of the best method to use them, and after this giving the customer another go.


For briquettes the metrics for success have been set rather low for no explanation and then high for after a demonstration. This is to represent the initial lack of awareness and familiarity around briquettes, and then after someone being shown how to use them and after the first purchase you expect to be able to use a product.


Whilst face-to-face PEV testing is not sustainable in off-months, using a third party is a potential long term method that will work in off months, tied in with distribution/sales channels. In this case, the chosen vendor/channel would record responses from people whilst PEV is not within the country.

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Fiona Aaron 2 months ago

Is this going to be tested in conjunction with the stove testing? As I've mentioned, I do not think it's worth our time to be sending out different teams, testing a whole new business model and spending a week doing this unless its happening in conjunction with the stoves. Please clarify for me. Thanks

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Ben Disher 2 months ago

The tests can, and will be run in conjunction with the stoves when we have an MVP for the bamboo briquettes.

Note that the current recipe (100% bamboo) has large difficulties lighting, and hence minor changes need to be made to the recipe (e.g. 90% bamboo, 10% paper) before we believe we'll have a bamboo briquette MVP. This won't require much time and effort from the February team, as all but the testing itself can be done by the Bamboo Institute.

A decision can be made in-country as to whether we conduct this test or not, should the stove usability test be completed before the Bamboo MVP is created

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Rose Gooding 2 months ago

Status label added: Proposed Experiment

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Rose Gooding 2 months ago

Status label added: Experiment adopted

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