Adopted Experiment

[Adopted Experiment]: Fuel Timor-Leste February 2019 - Stoves Usability Testing (1/2)

Lean Phase:




The stove developed is intuitive to use.


Time box:

1 week testing, 1 week iteration, 1 week testing.


Key Metrics:

Percentage of customers that can use the product without assistance or explanation.


Success Points:

Green Light Proceed:

Major improvements are not needed to be made to the design. Continue to tweak minor issues with the stove based on feedback. Begin research into long term product quality and sales. Proceed to utility testing.


Success Point:

At least 75% of customers are able to use the stove correctly without any explanation or hesitation.


Orange Light Optimise

How much of an explanation of the stove is required? Can a picture brochure provide enough basic guidance?


Failure Point

Less than 25% of customers are able to use the stove correctly without any explanation or hesitation.


Red Light Failure Point:

Engage with customers to understand what makes the stove difficult to operate. Iterate on the design with usability as a focus.


Experiment Build:

Empathising needs to be undertaken with the stove. Initial empathy explaining what we are working towards in Timor regarding fuel will be undertaken. To reduce bias and try to simulate a store/end state distribution experience the product should be presented fairly early. The stove should not be over explained the customer asked if they are comfortable using it and how they would do so. Several things should be recorded including initial response (observed and recorded later) and then if the customer is able to intuitively use the product or understand it.

Whilst face-to-face PEV testing is not sustainable in off-months, using a third party is a potential long term method that will work in off months, tied in with distribution/sales channels. In this case, the chosen vendor/channel would record responses from people whilst PEV is not within the country.


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Fiona Aaron 4 months ago

Do you have a brochure/explanation sheet ready to go in case someone needs assistance? If so, can you post it here please?

Can you upload a checklist of things you are recording specifically in terms of what you are looking for/testing that suggests easy use etc?

How do you plan to go about getting a 3rd party to be a customer service agent in the off months - is this combined with the sales agent?

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Ben Disher 4 months ago

We let people read-over the attached brochures (which are of course translated in Tetun first).

A checklist can be uploaded here before the test commences. This will likely include methods such as the time it takes for someone to start a fire, or how many questions they ask throughout the process.

An experiment regarding channels is yet to be posted but in progress, and a 3rd party agent would likely depend on the completion of this experiment. For example, if a market stall was deemed to be a viable sales channel then it would be possible for the person running the stall to record customer engagement and take any advice or feedback on the stoves. It would also be possible to allow people to test the stoves for themselves in this situation. However, for a sales channel such as a supermarket, it would be significantly harder to run this experiment because the staff would not be able record our data, nor could people test the stoves in the store.

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Rose Gooding 4 months ago

Status label added: Proposed Experiment

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Rose Gooding 4 months ago

Status label added: Experiment adopted

Status label removed: Proposed Experiment

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