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[JAN 19] Project Summary - Fuel Fiji

In January 2019 the Fuel team focused on researching and testing channels that will enable the business to scale. We had 3 primary goals: 

1. Scalable Manufacturing

In order to scale our business, it is necessary to establish a manufacturing channel for the Buka stove that is reliable. We looked at the following options: 

- Importing laser cut sheets and manufacturing locally

- Importing raw materials and manufacturing the stove locally

- Finding local manufacturers that source their own materials 

2. Scalable Sales

In order to scale the sales process of the business, the team looked at the following channels: 

- Market stall sales

- Village Ordering System 

- Retailers

3. Scalable Design 

To scale our business, we need to move away from the Buka 4.0 design as it is made out of recycled refrigerant tanks. The limited supply of refrigerant tanks means that this design is not scalable. Therefore, the team looked at: 

- Establishing the value proposition of the Buka 4.0 

- Testing the efficiency of the Buka Dragon

- Price point testing the Buka Dragon 

Attached is the Project Summary document and Appendix. 

Fiona Aaron Jan 29, 2019

This is great Gina. Thanks for posting this summary!

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Fiona Aaron Jan 29, 2019

Status label added: Project Summary

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