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[EXPERIMENT RESULTS]: Hidden Hunger Malawi - Customer Segment (B) - January 2019

Experiment Post Reference:


Lean Phase: Customer Segment



  • Potential stakeholders are willing to meet with PEV

  • Potential stakeholders have data and/or advice on the direction of the project

  • Potential stakeholders are interested in the app and a B2B solution

Time Box: January 2018 Weeks 1-4


Success Metric:

1) Number of groups which can provide access and/or advice on the direction of the project.

2) Number of groups interested in the app and a B2B solution.



  1. We have managed to arrange and conduct meetings with Story Workshop, GOAL Malawi

  2. We are having a lot of issues with emailing businesses and trying to get in contact with them through this method, face to face meeting arrangements and phone calls work much better.

  3. GOAL Malawi’s nutrition offer has expressed major interest in our product and has looked into a meeting in the first week of February: Must be actioned

  4. App has potential to help keep a record of community developments

  5. Pitch Deck for Goal Malawi is complete. Needs to be refined by those actually presenting


Groups worked with in meetings (Wishloads and meeting minutes are on drive)

  • Story Workshop
  • Goal Malawi


Expressions of Interest

  • Goal Malawi


Validated learnings:

  • Companies reach out to DHO and take a top down approach with their operations
  • Companies within nutrition space are willing to meet on our project


Going forward:

  • Meet with Goal Malawi, present our pitch for partnership
  • Use a face-to-face or calling approach instead of emailing for companies that haven’t replied to emails. Emails have on the main not been responded to, however the majority of stakeholders are interested in meeting if they are contacted over the phone.
  • If stakeholders haven’t responded, go to their offices and see if they are happy to organise a meeting; this includes Catholic Relief services, United Purpose, children’s fund of Malawi and Scaling Up Nutrition.
  • Organise ways to make the app function for businesses if this need is identified
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James Hansen 11 months ago

Huge potential in this segment if a response can be acquired in a shorter time frame. Email response delays are huge and are often ignored, would recommend a door knocking approach.

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Ella Grier 11 months ago

Status labels added: Experiment Results, In Progress- first 50%

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