Project Everest

[Jan 19] Business Operations and Customer Segment Testing (Customer Segment) - Fiji SoCon I

Business Operations & Customer Segment Testing

Lean Phase: Customer Segment

NB: This experiment can be run concurrently with the experiment Further Exploring Access to Finance.


The customer segment that falls under SoCon’s operations can be characterised by the following business operational assumptions.

  • Business owners have a good understanding of their position in the market
  • Business owners are aware of why they are unable to access both financial and non-financial capital. 
  • Business owners main barrier to operational goals is access to finance

Purpose: the purpose of this experiment is to better understand the small business segment, business operations and issues.


Time Box: 3 weeks


Success Metric:

% of people who identify with the previous assumptions


Green Light - If the green light is achieved, further research and problem identification will be conducted based on the findings

Success Point - If over 70% of respondents identified as having inconsistent income, understanding of the market and are aware of why they are unable to access finance.

Orange Light - Iterate on survey questions, and the way we are explaining SoCon and finance.

Failure Point - Failure if less than 40% identify with the listed assumptions

Red Light - There is no trends or correlations within the customer segment between access to finance and the operations of small businesses.


Experiment build:

Testing 30 people

1. Design a survey with these questions:

2. Creating form and google sheets for results

3. Set up interview script and practice

4. Set up interviews with customer segment (small business owners)

5. Conduct surveys

6. Organise data and analyse results

7. Upload results to Crowdicity


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