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India is one of the most dynamic, large and rapidly growing economies in the world, rivalled only by China. 

With a population of 1.3 billion people, India makes up approximately 17.5% of the world's population, while it's GDP ranks 6th in the world and 139th in the world per capita. 

Some of the social issues that exist throughout India include water and sanitation, food security, access to education, access to medical advice, sustainable energy sources, safe methods of cooking in slums and rural areas and stable access to finance. There are other heavy social issues around human rights, gender equality and physical/sexual abuse that are quite complex in their causes.

As such, Project Everest Ventures has commissioned a reconnaissance team to assess the viability of operating in India and to determine which projects should take priority. The intent is to then begin operations in India in July of 2019, should everything go to plan. 

There are a few main proposed projects to assess the viability of during the month of February, where the recon will take place. 


Sustainable Energy Solutions

We will be looking into sustainable energy solutions that aim to provide better access to light, electricity for phones and tablets (which ultimately enables better education and productivity). All the while with the intent to save the beneficiary/customer money in the medium-long term or make them money through collaboration with other businesses such as Village Energy ( ).

Microfinance Opportunities

Similar to the work currently being done in Malawi and Fiji, microfinance, when done well, can enable economic growth and development far better than any handout. Keeping in mind there may be existing organisations that are better placed than PEV to provide these services due to market saturation of MFIs, Project Everest Ventures will look into the need and viability of good debt and asset loans. 

Fuel Stoves

There are a plethora of manufacturing hubs in India and the opportunity to manufacture low cost, medium-high complexity stoves that will enable a safer and more efficient cooking environment exists. A consideration is the general affluence of Andhra Pradesh and whether a biofuel-based cook stove is moving the local economy forwards or encouraging them to retrogress in their cooking practices. 

Water Filtration Units

In collaboration with the University of Adelaide Engineering Faculty, a water filter design has been created that will enable 8L of water per hour to be cleaned and suitable for drinking. The proposed unit needs some real world testing and assessment of target communities water sources are required to verify the need for a filtration unit. 


In collaboration with the University of Adelaide Engineering Faculty, investigating the real world implementation of a biodigester that will take food and agricultural waste to convert it into combustible gases and hydrogen sulfide for the purposes of cooking. This is another project that will require significant first-hand research and verification of on-the-ground relevance. 

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