[Feb 19] Advertising through Facebook (Channels) - Fiji FarmEd II

Christopher Fahlbusch
Christopher Fahlbusch | 1 month ago | in FarmEd

Lean Phase: Channels

Assumption: Advertising for the FarmEd application can be effective through the use of Facebook

Time Box: 4 weeks

Key Metrics:

Measuring expressions of interest through advertising on facebook

Success point:

50% of messages on facebook result in sales.

Green Light:

Facebook is a viable option for spreading information about FarmEd and generating interest in the app.

Orange Light Range:

25 - 50% of messages on facebook result in sales.

Orange Light:

Facebook is an option for advertising, but solely relying on it is not an effective method of generating interest in the application. Other methods of advertising on top of Facebook should be considered.

Failure Point:

Less than 25% of messages on facebook result in sales.

Red Light:

Facebook is an unreliable method of advertising and other channels should be explored.

Experiment build:

  • Create facebook page for the FarmEd application 
  • In the description of the page add all relevant information on the app and PEV 
  • Create contact for facebook direct messaging 
  • Spread the word of the facebook page when in town or meeting with locals
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Melissa Lee 1 month ago

Hi Chris and Liz,
While promoting on Facebook does sound like a good idea since it's used in Fiji, I think having 50% conversion might be too optimistic. Measuring both engagement and conversion could be more useful to determine if Facebook is an effective channel. Also, one concern I have is the lack of initial traffic on the page to generate any useful data. It might be worth it to set a small budget to do a boosted post if possible.

Regarding the steps of the experiment, would it be possible to invite everyone on the current contact database to like the page on Facebook?

Just one final suggestion, it could be worth looking into doing an A/B split test to derive more meaningful data.

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