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[Proposed Experiment for February]: Solution - Number of FarmEd Application Sales - FarmEd Fiji

Magnus Zhang
Magnus Zhang | 6 months ago | in FarmEd - Fiji

Lean phase:

Solution. (Offer Testing)



Farmers are willing to buy a subscription to the FarmEd application.


Time Box:

3 Weeks


Key Metrics:

  • Number of sales MOU’s signed by farmers for a subscription


Success Point:

  • If farmers sign a sales MOU.


Green Light:

  • If more than 60% of farmers sign a sales MOU

  • Proceed with delivery of the application.

  • Continue pitching the app to farmers to generate further sales whilst collecting user feedback.


Orange Light:

  • If 25-60% of farmers sign a sales MOU

  • Reconsider the pitching approach towards farmers.

  • Question farmers as to why they are unwilling to purchase the application and use this information as feedback to the development team.


Failure Point:

  • If less than 25% of farmers sign a sales MOU


Red Light:

  • Reconsider pitching approach towards farmers.

  • Identify the three primary reasons why farmers are unwilling to purchase the application and how they can be improved

    • If a lack of features is identified, follow-up by determining what extra features farmers that are unwilling to purchase the app would like to see.

    • If the cost of the subscription is an issue, evaluate if lowering costs could effectively generate a larger quantity of sales.

    • If the user interface is an issue, determine if any necessary training/guidance might be required to help farmers in engaging with the application fully

    • If a lack of information is an issue, determine what crop-specific information farmers would like to see implemented


Experiment Build







  • Record all customer information onto HubSpot for future use

  • Collate all customer feedback to be sent through to the development team

Fiona Aaron 6 months ago

Hey Magnus!
I'd really like us to move away from MOU's in this sales context. If this experiment is around sales, then a successful metric should really focus on the number of deposits or full payments taken for a 3month+ subscription and sensor. MOU's add an unnecessary step to the sales process. We should be going for sales and money exchanging and if they don't have the money on them for the full subscription, then a deposit to really guarantee their interest. Unfortunately, anyone can sign an MOU to be polite so it's not a fantastic metric for us.
Let me know what you think,

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Magnus Zhang 6 months ago

Hey Fiona!
We mainly decided upon the use of MOU's mainly because the app is still in its early stages of development but as you stated, anyone can sign a MOU to be polite. As such, I do agree that MOU's probably aren't the best metric to use, so the use of deposits as you suggested would be the best solution to gauge interest.

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