Experiment adopted

[ADOPTED EXPERIMENT]: Health Malawi - Currency Testing: Tracking customer progress through CEP outline

Lean Phase: Currency Testing

Time Box: 1-2 weeks

Assumption: Testing customer success rate of moving through the Customer Engagement Plan (CEP)

Success Metric

Green light: Move on to Utility testing

Success point: 75% of customers pass from stage one of the CEP to stage 8.

Orange light: Find areas where customers are being lost and optimise CEP stages in accordance with this.

Failure point: 40% or below

Red light: Review current CEP plan and locate possible blocks to green light point. Potential restructure/re-evaluation of the CEP.

Experiment Build:

Currency testing will be conducted in conjunction with both Offer testing and Research Protocol 3 experiments.The health team will be testing the rate of uptake in each stage of product uptake outlined in the table below. The final desired outcome of this experiment is to measure how many people convert from one stage of the CEP to another. By measuring the conversion rate for each step, those customers who fail to move onto the next phase can be isolated. The reasons for the drop out can also be analysed to optimize the customer engagement plan.

Customer Engagement Plan (CEP)

  1. Receive text message

  2. Respond with email address

  3. Initial introduction email

  4. Meet with Project Everest: agree to run protocol

  5. Follow up email: finalise instructions for running RP3

  6. Support and optimization

  7. Clinicians recommend to patients and show how to use

  8. Clinicians check patient is using it correctly

Currency Goals

The team’s aim is to lose a minimum number of customers at each step on the ladder. The ‘victory currency’ determined by the team is 100,000 independent uses. To facilitate this, it’s important to optimise the clinician acquisition process.

Methodology and data collection

Offer testing segment (CEP stages 1, 2)

Offer testing was conducted in the first week of January 2019 and thus statistics revolving around uptake can be collected. Within CEP stages 1, 2 the amount of clinicians that responded to the text message and to the email must be recorded (see in results).

Research Protocol 3 (CEP stages 3-8)

  1. Email initial introduction to clinics outlined in attachment

  2. If receive no response, call the clinic to organise time for a meeting

  3. At meeting outline Project Everest, research protocol 3 and teach them how to set up within own clinic

  4. Send follow up email (attached)

  5. For each of these stages record the number of responses

This RP3 engagement should be framed as the beginning of the roll out of the system, so as to accurately gauge interest in using the system, rather than interest in conducting research.


The conversion rate for each step of the CEP will be collated into a spreadsheet for ease of use. When the data is set out this way, it will be easy to see a point exists on the ladder where the conversion rate decreases noticeably. If this point exists, the team can re-evaluate this step, and if necessary, re-structure the CEP.


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