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Adopted Experiment

[ADOPTED EXPERIMENT]: Hidden Hunger Malawi - Initial Currency Exchange for Follow-up Report- Currency Testing - January 2019


Lean Phase: Unique Value Proposition


Purpose: To determine whether or not our customer segment would pay for a solution which advises on foods to add for a wholesome diet.


Assumption: Mothers are willing to pay 200 MK upfront for an individual nutrition report to be sent to them at a later date.


Time Box: January Weeks 3-4


Success Metric: Percentage of customers willing to pay for an MVP out of total customers engaged with in total.



Green light: Proceed to Solution and Utility Testing.

Success point: 40% or more mothers would pay for a solution.

Orange light: Assess responses and determine why they are not interested in a paid solution. Reiterate MVP based on current UVP.

Failure point: Less than 10% of mothers are willing to pay for our MVP.

Red light: Reiterate UVP based on problem definition (offer testing experiment).


Experimental Design

  1. Download USTAWI app (MVP) and become familiar with its use.

  2. Determine best times to go to Limbe Markets to walk around and speak to Mothers that can be found.

  3. Print out 20 slips of paper which contain the following info in Chichewa in order to not get confusion in verbal translation:

    1. We are representatives of Project Everest who are a part of the Hidden Hunger Project.

    2. We are currently developing a product that is combating malnutrition via informing customers of missing nutrients and how to best attain those nutrients.

    3. The app survey is a very basic trial product that will not give a complete output, however we will personally replicate the purpose of the app ourselves and compile an individual nutrition report for an upfront charge of 200MK.

    4. Delivery of the final report will be via text within 3 business days.

    5. We require from you:

      1. Name

      2. Phone number

      3. Age

      4. Town

      5. Engagement with survey

      6. 200MK

  4. Explain that rural Malawian mothers have expressed that a lack of nutritional knowledge required for their children to grow up strong and healthy has been a problem for them and that they have also expressed they want a solution.

  5. Explain that we are developing an automated solutions (USTAWI) which is not near completion (this must be very transparent).

  6. Propose MVP with transparency on the quality of the product and emphasise that the product is in early stages. Explain that once the survey is completed though the MVP, an individualised report of the results will be sent via text message/WhatsApp to the customer within (3 business days) in preferred language (Chichewa/English).

  7. Charge 200MK for a single use of the USTAWI app. If yes, continue. If not, ask what sort of fees or differences in service would be preferable. Record numbers of people who agree and refuse.

  8. Victory in terms of success metric.

  9. Using trekkers phones with the app downloaded, trekkers will help customers fill out survey one by one, explain what final report sent to them will include and elaborate on benefits of a diverse diet. Inform the report will take up to 3 business days. The final mini report provided by the app must be screenshotted and sent to the Hidden Hunger Whatsapp chat with the name and age of the participant for final report.

  10. Produce a final report of app results and beneficial foods to add to their diet from the information given by the customer at GHQ, then translate and send to customer. Also include message asking for feedback.

  11. Document feedback.



There is a risk of theft of Trekkers’ phones in the process of completing the survey especially at the Limbe Markets. To mitigate from this, it is suggested the Trekkers do not hand the phone over to the customer and be aware of this risk.

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James Hansen 11 months ago

Extremely inefficient method, would definitely reiterate on this and find a way to make data accessible instantaneously. Doing 5 reports took an entire day plus translation time and cost.

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Ella Grier 11 months ago

Status label added: Experiment adopted

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Ella Grier 11 months ago

Status label added: In Progress- first 50%

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