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[Jan 19] Community Meetings (Continued) - FarmED Timor Leste

Hamish Probert
Hamish Probert | Jan 18, 2019 | in FarmEd - Timor-Leste


  • Aim for 3 community meetings to be held
  • Aim for 10-15 attendees per meeting
  • Aim for 70% of sales over the 3 meetings

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Reassert Lean Phase:

Channels: community meeting


Reassert Assumption:

  1. That the January team hold 3 community meetings
  2. That the community meetings will have good reception and allow us to spark interest and make bulk sales.


Three community meetings were held in the week of the 7th of January 2019. The first meeting had 13 people in attendance, 6 in attendance at the next and 20 at the third, the final one had a total of 5 farmers in attendance. An alteration to the experiment build must also be included as the app is not ready to distribute to farmers. As such, no purchases have been completed and MOUs signed is our metric.

Between the first two and final meetings, there were 19 MOUs signed equating to an 79.23% success rate.

However, the meeting three had zero MOUs signed. This was due to its nature and not a lack of interest. The third meeting was made up of village chiefs who were not farmers. They were however interested, with five of them offering to organise community meetings with their farmers for us.


If looking at the other three community meetings and are ruling out the chief’s meeting, then the project has exceeded the greenlight standing of 70% by 9.2%. This gives us the go-ahead to continue with community meetings as an effective channel of distribution.


Validated Learning:


The results matched our hypothesis that community meetings would provide a good channel for distribution.

The result has been confirmed as the goal of three meetings were met. However, the third meeting pro longed the experiment as we had to seek out a community meeting of farmers and not chiefs to further demonstrate the positive of the experiment.

Due to the success of the initial experiment further investigation will take place to gain greater clarity with the validation of our assumption.

In organising these community meetings a few people were crucial as they were willing to gather people for these meetings. Mostly this was done by a few village leaders and those already interested in securing the future of Timor Leste.



Next Move:  


Out next move is to utilise the contacts made during the chieftain meeting to organise at least two more community meetings. In addition to this, we would like hold at least three community meetings in total to bolster our finding that community meetings are an efficient channel for sales. 

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