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[PROBLEM]: Health Malawi - Inadequate Time with Patients - January 2019


In December 2018, the Health Consulting Team conducted interviews with Heads of Clinics in Blantyre in order to validate the customer segment. Through conducting these interviews, the team generated invaluable insights with regard to the healthcare challenges clinicians identify and the emotions they feel in relation to these challenges.

From these insights, the January 2019 Health team were able to construct a problem centric message, for the purpose of offer testing, that encapsulated the emotions and challenges identified by Heads of Clinics.

 The problem centric message and call to action generated:

‘We understand that you may be frustrated by the lack of quality time your clinicians get with patients and want better health outcomes for them. If interested, please reply. If you would like more information and access to our website, reply with your email address.’

The purpose of conducting offer testing experiments was to validate that Heads of Clinics engage with the problem identified and that these problems have been accurately defined.

Results & Insights

From the 26 text messages sent, seven positive responses were received. This validates that Heads of Clinics identify with feeling frustrated that their clinicians lack quality time with patients and they want better health outcomes for them. Furthermore, this problem has been accurately defined.

Link to Results Post:

Significant insights can be generated when analysing the nature of the Text Message responses received and who, amongst the individual Clinic Heads, responded.

 Nature of the Response:

All text message responses included the email address of the respective Clinic Head. The nature of this response demonstrates that not only do Heads of Clinics engage with the problem identified, but their level of engagement with this problem statement is high. Responding with their email addresses suggests that they are eager to learn more about the Health Consulting Team’s work in the Blantyre healthcare system, that they are very engaged with the identified problem and they are likely motivated to collaborate within this problem space.

Who Responded:

Heads of Clinics from the following clinics in the Blantyre region responded positively to the text messages sent:

  • South Lunzu Clinic
  • Zingwangwa Health Centre
  • Makhetha Clinic
  • Mdeka Clinic
  • Ndirande Health Centre
  • Ameca Clinic
  • Chileka Health Centre

From the above clinics, the Health Consulting Team only has existing and active relationships with Zingwangwa Health Centre and Ndirande Health Centre. Therefore, the remaining responses are from Clinics that have not recently engaged with the Health team. As these Heads of Clinics do not have any existing sympathies with the Health team, or PEV more generally, their responses are likely purely based on their emotions towards and level of engagement with the problem identified. This further validates that the problem has been accurately identified and defined.


As previously discussed, the results of the offer experiment show that Heads of Clinics do heavily identify with the problem as it is defined. Moving forward from offer testing, the team will be meeting in person with the Heads of Clinics that positively responded with their email addresses. Through this, the team will strengthen existing relationships and develop new connections, an invaluable step moving forward for the team and the direction of the project as it moves into currency testing.

It is imperative that these relationships be positively maintained as Heads of Clinics retain significant decision making power and will, ultimately, be the Health Team’s first adopters. These relationships, subsequent understandings gained and insights generated will help to shape and direct the project. This will enable the team to create a successful technological solution that accurately meets the interests of Heads of Clinics and addresses the challenges which clinicians face on a day-to-day basis.

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