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[PROPOSED EXPERIMENT]: Hidden Hunger Malawi - Paper Data Collection and Follow-up Consultation - Currency Testing - January 2019

Morgan Allan
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Lean Phase: Unique Value Proposition


Purpose: To determine whether or not our customer segment would pay for a solution which advises on foods to add for a wholesome diet.


Assumption: Mothers are willing to pay 200 MK for a minimum viable product (MVP) which solves the problem.


Time Box: January Weeks 3-4


Success Metric: 50% of customers are willing to pay for an MVP.



Green light: Proceed to Solution and Utility Testing.

Success point: 50% or more of mothers would pay for a solution.

Orange light: Assess responses and determine why they are not interested in a paid solution. Reiterate MVP based on current UVP.

Failure point: Less than 30% of respondents are willing to pay for our MVP.

Red light: Reiterate UVP based on problem definition (offer testing experiment).


Experimental Design

  1. Create paper based prototype of USTAWI app survey.

  2. Approach mothers of young children.

  3. Create rapport with script focusing on confirming assumed problem and if they would like a solution.

  4. Propose paper based survey and follow up report for 200 MK including 100 MK deposit. If yes, continue. If not, ask what sort of fees or angles would be preferable. Record numbers of people who agree and refuse.

  5. Get subject to fill out survey.

  6. Acquire contact details from subject and inform that there will be follow up meetings at certain locations and times later.

  7. Compile surveys and run through USTAWI, touch up on reports so they are professional.

  8. Send texts to subjects about later meeting points and times for collection of reports.

  9. Exchange reports for outstanding 100 MK owing. Record numbers of people who arrive for collection of reports and pay outstanding amount.




200MK price is determined from December team’s survey which found the median disposable income of 50 mothers to be 4001MK-6000MK.


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