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[JAN 19][COLLECTION] Bagpay customer feedback

Lean Phase:


Customer segments, solution



The assumption is that BagPay customers will say that cost is the reason that they discontinued. However, the real reason is there is not enough value in the service offering for them to be willing to pay. It is assumed that they do have the propensity to pay.


The entire experiment is available on




[Green light]


2 BagPay customer’s clearly identified aspects of the service that would mean that they would be willing to pay the $4 price point, with one having a moderate level of suggestions to validate the $4 price point.  


From the BagPay customers that we interviewed two were satisfied with the price and value of the service but it no longer fit within their business model, and one considered it to be lacking in value. They also identified reasons outside of the scope of our assumption as to why they discontinued the service.


Pro-Ema mentioned that they were passionate about the waste issue in Timor and that they wanted to be part of the solution. Over the last six months, they have changed their business strategy to switch from primarily selling canned and bottled drinks to selling fresh juice in glasses. When combined with their art focused reuse projects, this meant that they did not produce enough waste for a weekly collection. However, they did identify that both cardboard collections and education programs would make them willing to re-sign at the $4 price point.


The meeting minutes for this are available through the link:


Samuana also expressed great interest in helping to deal with waste, and that they viewed recycling as playing a role in this. Like Pro-Ema, Samuana has seen a significant drop in their waste production over the last month. Unlike Pro-Ema this is due to a decline in their business. As a result, there was not enough waste produced to justify a weekly pickup. It was also mentioned that they felt the service was not always reliable. They were, however, interested in a less frequent model or even an on-call option. Samuana directly stated they considered our pricing model to be fair and reasonable.


The meeting minutes for this are available through the link:


Osteria did mention that they felt the service was unreliable. Education also seemed as though it was an area that would build value for them, with the suggestion of a discussion with the entire Osteria team surrounding the emotional argument around waste, in order to enable his primarily native Timorese staff to have a broader understanding on the importance of segregating waste and recycling. They also suggested providing information resources in Tetun. The manager, Helder was supportive of recycling but he did express that $4 may be too expensive and more of a municipality responsibility.


The meeting minutes for this are available through the link:


Validated Learning

At the outset of this experiment, we assumed that price would be the stated reason for their discontinuation of service, but this was quickly proven to be untrue. Pro-Ema and Osteria were both satisfied with our pricing structure and provided clear and reasonable non-price reasons as to why they discontinuation of service. Both were also interested in signing back onto our service under either a less regular collections model, and in the case of Pro-Ema with cardboard collections.


Next move:


The results of this experiment demonstrate that we do not have a full understanding of the customer segment and their needs. We will continue with our offer testing to this market in order to better understand this customer segment and how they view waste management and the solutions to it in order to deliver a better service based on their needs. Based purely on these results (which definitely needs to be validated through testing a far larger sample size) the service could look more like a less consistent service at a higher price point.

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