Project Everest

[Proposed Experiment] Solar Malawi January 2019 – Blantyre Sales Experiment

Lean Phase: Customer Channels



Blantyre is a viable area to make upfront sales given the stall and poster channels are validated.


Time Box:

2 weeks - February


Success Metric:

Sales conversion rate from all channels in Blantyre (Stall, Posters, F2F, Agents).




Green Light- Continue selling the product upfront in Blantyre. Investigate which of the channels were most effective.


Success Point - 9% sales conversion rate in Blantyre based on the total number of EOI’s and the total number of sales among all channels.


Orange Light- Evaluate whether channels are suitably reaching the customer archetypes in Blantyre based on customer surveys completed with new sales. Investigate the objections that leads have for not purchasing the product and assess the viability of introducing a layby stream.


Failure Point - Less than 4% sales conversion rate in Blantyre.


Red Light - Investigate other regions to make upfront sales.

Experiment build:

  1. This experiment will begin when the poster and stall experiment is under operation. .

  2. After 2 weeks collate data obtained from ‘Blantyre Stall’ experiment, ‘Poster’ experiment, F2F sales data and Agents sales data (total EOI’s and total sales), i.e. collect all EOI’s and sales from Blantyre. Ensure all EOI’s obtained within time period have been followed up.

  3. With all new sales ask the customer to complete a survey for customer archetype research (not a specific requirement for this experiment but is crucial information to obtain for other aspects of the project).

  4. When a lead fails to convert into a sale, record the customers’ objection (useful information particularly if Orange Light is reached). Group into one of the following objections:

    1. Too expensive

    2. The inconvenience of using the product (eg having to charge)

    3. Needing to ask their husband

    4. Durability

    5. Satisfied with current solutions

    6. Other

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