Project Everest

[Proposed Experiment] – Solar Malawi January 2019 - Blantyre Market Stall Experiment

Lean Phase: Customer Channels



There is further demand that can be reached for the solar unit through the operation of a sales stall in Blantyre Markets.


Time Box:

2 weeks - February


Success Metric

Sales conversion rate.



Green Light – Continue the operation of the stall, increase the number of days of operation and validate if stall can be run by solely by agents.


Success Point – 9% sales conversion rate from EOI to sale. At this stage, a rough number of people who approach the stall will act as the EOI, however, this may be refined depending on the influence of Australians presenting biasing the interest of locals.


Orange Light – Re-evaluate the operational hours and procedures of the stall, as well as the sales pitch and methods used to contact EOIs.


Failure Point – 4% sales conversion rate from EOI to sale.


Red Light – Determine another area for the stall to be relocated and investigate new channels for Blantyre.

Experiment Build:

  1. Identify areas within the markets that has high foot traffic.

  2. Obtain a permit to set up and run the stall at Blantyre markets.

  3. See ‘Running Stall’ SOP (below) for stall operational procedures. This includes information pertaining to required resources, translation services, sales pitch etc.

  1. Develop a schedule for stall operation to inform potential customers when they can return. At this stage, it will be operated on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week.

  2. Record interest with name, phone number and any additional relevant information (important due to immediate sales being unlikely since not many people will be carrying 35,000 MWK in cash). If the customer has 35,000 MWK in cash then proceed to make the sale and hand out the product.

  3. Input data into ‘Blantyre Market Stall Data and Results’ spreadsheet:

Input EOI and/or Sales information into ‘CRM Master 02’ document:

Input objections into ‘Blantyre market Stall Objections’ spreadsheet:

Any additional useful information or notes regarding any other aspects of the Blantyre Market Stall can be written into ‘Blantyre Market Stall additional notes’:

  1. Contact all EOI’s with information surrounding stall operation times and any relevant information for them.


Note: To measure the conversion rate between various stages along the sales pipeline, as well as an overall sales conversion, the following information will be recorded into ‘Blantyre Market Stall data and results’:

  1. The total number of people approaching the stall excluding children and homeless (rough estimate).

  2. The number of people who actively ask questions and/or write their name and number (EOI’s).

  3. The number of people who say they will pay.

  4. The number of people who pay (Sales), split into two groups:

  • Immediate upfront payment

  • People returning to buy product (note which of these customers previously said they would pay- part c).

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