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[EXPERIMENT RESULTS]: Health Consulting Malawi - Offer Test Heads of Clinics (2/3) - Texts & Emails - January 2019

Reference to Experiment Post:

This experiment focussed on validating the assumption that clinicians identify with the problem that they feel frustrated by not having quality time with their patients and that they want better health outcomes for their patients.

The long term goal was to initiate communication with heads of clinics and build relationships.

Reassert Lean Phase: Problem 


People within our customer segment identify with the problem described as ‘you may be frustrated by the lack of quality time your clinicians get with patients and want better health outcomes for them.'


Of the 26 text messages sent, there were seven responses to the problem statement that ‘clinicians feel frustrated by the lack of quality time with their patients and want better health outcomes for them.’

The green light has been achieved with a response rate of 27%, surpassing the success metric of 20%.

The nature of the responses to the text messages which Heads of Clinics received demonstrated a high level of engagement with the problem centric message. Rather than simply responding that they were interested in the problem identified (a response of low level engagement), they replied with their email addresses. This demonstrates that not only do Heads of Clinics engage and identify with the problem, but they are also highly interested in the project and want to open a line of communication with the Health Team.

Validated Learning:

Our results confirm the hypothesis that our customer segment, Heads of Clinics, engage with the problem that they do not have adequate quality time with their patients and want better health outcomes for their patients. Therefore, this also validates that the problem clinicians identify with has been adequately defined.

The primary limitation observed from this experiment is the size of the date sample used. 26 text messages were sent to Heads of Clinics. A total sample size of 28 data points is rather limited. This may affect the validity of the results however, given there are under 30 public clinics in the Blantyre region, this experiment covered the entirety of the customer segment in the Blantyre. Therefore, the results are still considered to be viable.

This learning warrants a further experiment validating the next component of the Lean Canvas: Currency.

Next Move:

The next experiment to be conducted is to validate that Heads of Clinics are willing to spend currency to address the problem defined.

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Isaac Crawford 6 months ago

This is a big win you the team! When are you planning on getting the currency experiment proposals up? And is the plan to use 'cash' as the currency? Or some other form of currency such as attention/ data/ referrals? Very excited to see what you all come up with!

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Ella Grier 5 months ago

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