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[EXPERIMENT RESULTS]: Health Malawi - Offer Test Clinicians (1/3) - Facebook Groups - January 2019

Reference to Experiment Post:

Lean Phase: Problem


People within our customer segment identify with a particular way of describing a problem.


Between 6 and 12 people clicked on the links

Zero people registered

Validated Learning:

The experiment was planned to be quantitative and conducted through the channel identified; posts on Malawian medical Facebook groups. We then identified and applied for access to four groups. Of the four groups that we applied for, we were approved access to two of them. We were unable to gain access to Facebook groups that were specifically for clinicians in Malawi.

Immediately we discovered that this was not a viable experiment. Although the group “Ministry of Health, Malawi: How's it serving you” initially seemed relevant, we quickly identified that the members of the group were not compatible to the experiment, with the maximum number of clinicians in the group being 1 in 6.

Between the six and twelve people we had clicked on our link, we had zero people register their interest. From these clicks, we had no way of determining if these people are from our customer segment. It was difficult to determine if these people were from the Facebook groups as we also had been emailing and texting clinicians concurrently.

Furthermore, there was the inability to access efficient data collection, particularly with the inability to determine the reach of each post. There was no way to determine how many people saw each post. This further leads to the ineffectiveness of this experiment.

Comments also reflected that these groups were not a good channel for us. Once negative feedback was received on our posts, the negative feedback was unable to be removed. This allowed those who see the post for the first time to also see the negative comments, reflecting negatively on the project.

Although Facebook pages and groups may seem relevant as they have the opportunity to easily reach our customer segment, the lack of clinicians, responses and inability to accurately measure analytics showed that it is not a viable channel.

Better channels have been identified. Through texting clinicians directly, we have received a much better response rate with 27% of clinicians responding. This channel is the much more effective option.

Next Steps:

Because the second offer test ([link]) was a very successful channel, we have determined that it’s unnecessary to run an additional test at this stage. For this reason, the next step is designing and conducting currency tests.


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Diana Cavill Jan 25, 2019

It’s great that you’ve been able to identify this so that we can spend more times on the platforms that are going to reach people and have an impact. Excited to pick all this up in February!

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Ella Grier Jan 27, 2019

Status label added: Experiment Results

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