[Proposed Experiment]: Solar Consulting Malawi - Customer Archetypes Early Adopters 2/2 - January 2019


Lean Phase - Customer Segment

Assumption - Early adopters of pico-solar systems fit within one of six customer archetypes; Rural Farmer, Rural Mother, Urban Mother, Urban Father, Teacher and Single Income with no children.   

Time Period - 3 weeks


Success Metric:

80% of at least 30 previous and new customers that fit within one of six archetypes.  



Green Light - Target these archetypes as early adopting customers, and implement sales tactics accordingly.

Success Point - ≥80% of at least 30 previous and new customers are within the specified archetypes.

Orange Light - Adjust the customer archetype definitions based on results obtained.

Failure Point - <40% of at least 30 previous and new customers are within the specified archetypes.

Red Light - Redefine the customer archetypes to incorporate variations incurred from survey results.


Experiment Build:

  1. Brainstorm possible customer archetypes, based on previous data.   

  2. Develop surveys for both existing and new customers, to validate these Customer archetypes.

  3. Compile a list of existing customers and attempt to contact via phone (AirDroid)  

  1. Develop text script to contact existing customers

  2. Organise a later time to call via SoCon payment phone to conduct surveys

  3. Ask  Survey Questions

      4.  AND/OR Contact Village Chiefs/Watson to organise 4-5 community meeting for sales and feedback in order to survey new and existing customers

    1. Conduct surveys at community meetings with people who have recently or previously purchased a product

    2. Ask Survey Questions

     5.  Conduct F2F sales in Blantyre (door knocking and stall) and survey customers after they purchase.   

     6. Collate data from a minimum of 30 existing and new customers and analyse the results with the Existing Customer Survey Results spreadsheet.


Experiment Results:

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