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[Proposed Experiment]: Solution - Number of FarmEd Application Sales - FarmEd Fiji January 2019

Vic Ramakrishnan
Vic Ramakrishnan | 1 week ago | in FarmEd

Lean phase: Solution. The underlying outcome of this experiment is to identify the Fijian reception of the FarmEd service through their willingness to sign a pre-purchase agreement.


Assumption: Farmers are willing to purchase the application


Time Box: 3 Weeks


Key Metrics

  • Number of pre-purchases completed through a cash exchange and signing of MOU.
  • Number of unpaid MOUs being signed without a cash exchange.
          -  A pre-purchase is a signed MOU that has undergone a cash exchange
          -  An unpaid MOU is one that is signed without a cash exchange


Success Point:

  • If more than 50% of farmers are willing to pre-purchase a subscription for the application
  • If more than 75% of farmers unwilling to pre-purchase a subscription for the application have signed an unpaid MOU.


Green Light:

  • Proceed with delivery of the application.
  • Continue pitching the app to farmers to generate further sales whilst collecting user feedback.


Orange Light Range

  • If 25-50% of farmers are willing to pre-purchase the application
  • If 50-75% of farmers unwilling to pre-purchase a subscription for the application have signed an unpaid MOU.


Orange Light:

  • Reconsider the pitching approach towards farmers.
  • Question farmers as to why they are unwilling to purchase the application and use this information as feedback to the development team.


Failure Point:

  • If less than 25% of farmers are willing to pre-purchase a subscription for the application.
  • If less than 25% of farmers unwilling to pre-purchase a subscription for the application have signed an unpaid MOU.


Red Light

  • Reconsider pitching approach towards farmers.
  • Identify the three primary reasons why farmers are unwilling to pre-purchase the application and how they can be improved
          -  If a lack of features is identified, follow-up by determining what extra features farmers that are unwilling to purchase the app would like to see.
          -  If the cost of the subscription is an issue, evaluate if lowering costs could effectively generate a larger quantity of sales.
          -  If the user interface is an issue, determine if any necessary training/guidance might be required to help farmers in engaging with the application fully
          -  If a lack of information is an issue, determine what crop-specific information farmers would like to see implemented


Experiment Build





  • Conduct visits to farmers by arrangements over the phone, with priority given to those who have signed MOUs.
  • Present the application through conducting a sales pitch whilst taking into account context-specific scenarios
          -  <>
  • Complete any successful sales through a cash exchange and complete deliveries of the application if possible



  • Record all customer information onto HubSpot for future use
  • Collate all customer feedback to be sent through to the development team
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Fiona Aaron 1 week ago

Looks great.
Re: Orange light, i wouldn't be jumping to any assumptions that the price point is the reason that they don't want to purchase, especially since we are pitching $1 per month and in the past in our currency tests we've found out they'd be willing to pay around $8 per month for a service like this (albeit our app is simpler at the moment). I would ask questions of those who aren't interested and log the answers thoroughly so we can start understanding what the trends are (is it feature based, price based etc).
Also, I think that a 50% conversion rate from a sales point of view is pretty good as well!

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Vic Ramakrishnan 1 week ago

Hey Fiona, thanks so much for the feedback!

I agree with your comments about assuming that the application's price point could be the reason for farmers being unwilling to purchase a subscription. I understand previous data showed otherwise as farmers were willing to pay larger amounts for such data and thus this was revisited and removed. With regards to the number of sales made as a percentage of pitches delivered, I agree that the initial 70% for a success point may have been a bit too ambitious. Because of this, conversion rates in terms of sales and signing of MOUs was altered.

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James Balzer 1 week ago

Good post.

I would just be aware that obviously our app isn't in the most up-to-date format that it intends to be. So when questioning the farmers about whether they like the content of the app, just understand that maybe the current lack of content in the app is a factor that may determine their opinion of what the app contains.

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Jess Riley 1 week ago

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