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[Proposed Experiment]: Solution - User Experience - FarmEd Fiji January 2019

Justin Buhagiar
Justin Buhagiar | Jan 7, 2019 | in FarmEd - Fiji

Lean Phase:

  • Solution (Prototyping)



  • Farmers can easily access the app (User Experience)


Time Box: 2 Weeks (First 2 weeks of January project)


Key Metrics:


Primary: Rate farmers on a scale from 1-3 for function usability


1 - Needs assistance to use the app or cannot use functions 1-3 (refer below to CF)

  • Unable to use functions on their own, such as:
            - Inputting farmers information
            - Responding to calendar notifications
            - Adding new crops to crops list
            - explore other crops available
  • No consistent data connection, as in Experiment:
  • Don’t understand the given information


2 - Can use functions 1-3 with no assistance

  • Is able to effectively use the app but didn’t use or understand functions 4 and/or 5
  • A function was not working at all or in the way the farmer would like it to


3 - Can use all functions, 1-5, with no assistance

  • Is able to use all functions of the app with no assistance at all
            - Test through questionnaire
            - Run exercise to allow farmer to demonstrate what they have done on the          app
                    - Link in Experiment build


Current Functions (CF) (In chronological order)

  1. Add farm and register farmer’s individual information

  2. Short list crops and then add crops to grow list

  3. View calendar and access and respond to daily activities

  4. View pests, disease, weeds and their respective remedies for crops

  5. Take and upload photos of currently growing crops, pests and diseases - Not working in current version


Secondary: Overall Customer Experience Rating (OCER)

A - Customer happy with everything the app has to offer, finds value in the current functions and will recommend it to others.

B - Customer mostly happy with what the app has to offer, finds some value in the current functions and may recommend it to others.

C - Customer may have a good overall experience but not recommend it or vice-versa

D - Customer mostly unhappy with the what the app has to offer, finds little value in the current functions and probably won’t recommend it to others.

E- Customer unhappy with everything the app has to offer, finds no value in the current functions and won’t recommend it to others.

Success point:

At least 75% of the farmers can use the app with no assistance, (2 or above)


Green Light:

  • No drastic improvements are needed to the current functions of the app. Can move onto testing next assumption (Farmers are regularly engaging with the application).
  • Consider the benefits of creating an in-app tutorial and whether this would help farmers that are not in contact with PE once the app is available for purchase from an online store.


Orange Light Range:

50% - 75% of farmers have a score of 2 or above (need assistance using the app).

Orange Light:

  • Get feedback from farmers about the app regarding usability and specific functions which are difficult to operate.
  • Also could potentially investigate creating an in-app tutorial or help video to assist farmers in using the app if necessary.


Failure Point:

Less than 50% of farmers have a score of 2 or above (need assistance using the app).


Red Light:

  • This can be achieved by getting feedback from farmers about the app regarding usability and specific features which are difficult to operate.
  • Also could look at potentially creating an in-app tutorial, video etc. which could help to make the app easier to use and understand.

Experiment build:



  • Ensure trekkers are familiar with survey questions
  • Use Hubspot to understand the context behind each villager




  1. Visit farmers that have purchased the app, had it delivered and have been using it for at least 3 days.

  2. Get feedback from farmers using the following questionnaires:

Link to Survey: <>

User Experience Scale: <>

  1. Ask the farmer to show us their app, what they have done and how they use it. Determine which functions the farmer can use effectively.



  • Upload information to Hubspot
  • Record all data
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Fiona Aaron Jan 8, 2019

Again, like the premise here. I don't believe 3 days is enough to gauge whether they've been using all functions.
Also, are we doing anything initially when making the sale to influence their ability to navigate the app? Or is it just download and fend for themselves? I'd be keen to see the results compared to a sample of farmers who we hold a little session explaining the features and getting them to practice. Don't know if that'll take too much time though.

Secondly, do you think that the Overall Customer Experience Rating (OCER) clouds this experiment? Especially since this post:
is looking at content satisfaction which seems to feed in more with OCER than this post which is about actual user experience navigating the app...

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James Balzer Jan 11, 2019

I can definitely see your points. I think that this experiment would be better focussed if it were to focus more on the CF side of things rather than the OCER side of things. It could get too elongated and unfocussed if you try and split the focus of things too much between the OCER and CF side of things.

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James Balzer Jan 11, 2019

This is a well-designed and in-depth UX testing experiment. It's good to see that you've got very tangible and quantifiable goals and benchmarks that assess the ability for an individual to use the application in an autonomous fashion.

How many farmers do you intend on doing this with? That'll be a key determinant in determining the accuracy of this UX testing, as the bigger the testing pool the better.

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Justin Buhagiar Jan 13, 2019

Thanks for the feedback James!
The testing pool is definitely a big factor into the accuracy of the experiment and as you said the bigger the better and so this should be a long term experiment in order to reach a large amount of people.

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Jess Riley Jan 13, 2019

Status labels added: Proposed Experiment, Under Review

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