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[PROPOSED EXPERIMENT]Scalability (Offer testing for Mobile Application) FarmEd Fiji January 2019

Justin Chun
Justin Chun | 2 weeks ago | in Knowledge Base

Lean Phase: Solution/MVP (Offer Testing) 


  • Business stakeholders believe that the mobile application would be a vital part of their business and believe it would be beneficial for them to distribute the app to their associated farmers
  • Stakeholders would suggest key features that they would want to see in future updates

Time Box:

3 weeks


Set up 25 stakeholder meetings to pitch the idea of FarmEd, the mobile application and gain feedback for improvements.

Key Metric:

  • Feedback on the app from a business perspective in terms of pre-defined scoring metrics. (Obtained EOIs/positive outcomes)
  • Positive outcome: invitation for second contact

Success Metric

Green Light:

  • 60% of stakeholders who attend meetings sign EOIs and provide constructive feedback.

Proceed to:

  • Obtaining deposits or sign MoUs

Orange Light:

  • 40% - 60% of stakeholders who attend meetings sign EOIs and have suggested ways to improve it

Optimise by:

  • Reviewing pitch script, consider how it was delivered, the content matter and the relevance to the goal

Red Light:

  • 20% - 40% of stakeholders sign the EOI and  and have suggested ways to improve it.

Failure Protocol:

  • Less than 20% of stakeholders sign the EOI
  • Most stakeholders do not see the value in the mobile application

Impacts of this Protocol:

  • Loss of potential relationship between stakeholder and PEV
  • Loss of potential contacts through the stakeholder

Actions to take after this Protocol:

  • Reiteration of application features to align more greatly with the needs of businesses 
  • Reiterate pitch to personally address certain stakeholders to increase value
  • Adjust customer segment to whom we are pitching to

Experiment Build


  • Using existing data, elicit relevant stakeholders to meet
  • Search through HubSpot to find relevant information and previous interaction logs
  • Design and prepare a general pitch for the application


  • Ask for feedback/suggestions on application and their likelihood of collaborating with PEV
  • Offer EOI if stakeholder shows interest


  • Collate feedback in google docs (hubspot contact notes)
  • Establish second iteration of application through collective brainstorming and incorporate stakeholder suggestions where possible
  • Conduct a feasibility analysis on new suggested features and send to developers to further affirmation
  • Conduct follow up meetings to reconfirm interest and evaluate updates
  • Add details to HubSpot (contact details, meeting minutes, feedback log, future goals and improvements)
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Fiona Aaron 1 week ago

I thought we were moving completely away from the data dashboard? This isn't something we should be looking at at this stage of the business....

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