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Proposed Experiment

[Proposed Experiment]: SoCon Fiji - Income Cycle Testing (2/2)

Lean Phase: Customer Segment

Assumption: Fijians save a portion of their income when they get paid.

Purpose: To find out if and how much Fijians regularly save, as this will assist in deciding on payments and structure of loans.

Time Box: 1 week

Success Metric:

Percentage of people who regularly save money when they are paid, as opposed to just spending it when they receive it.

Green Light: Proceed to Monthly Repayment Schedule experiment

Success Point: In order to proceed we require 60% of people regularly save 

Orange Light: Iterate on survey build, the financial terminology used, etc.

Failure Point: < 30% save regularly

Red Light: Understand why they are not saving money, and whether this will affect sales of the Buka stove.

Experiment build:

1. Create a survey with questions about how much money they regularly save, how frequently, why they save (or don’t save) etc.

3. Organise village visits

4. Execute survey with 30 people

5. Measure results and post experiment results

Jess Riley 7 months ago

Status label added: Under Review

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Jess Riley 7 months ago

Status label added: Proposed Experiment

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