Proposed Experiment

[Proposed Experiment]: Alternatives to the Buka Stove SoCon Fiji

Lean Phase: Problem/Channels

Assumption: The assumption to test is that there is a product, similar to the Buka stove in either price, segment, or similar factors that the SoCon teams could use to test their payment plan solution on.

Assumptions related to this for the purpose of this experiment include the assumption that individuals in surrounding Sigatoka villages will have an idea of products that they have tried to either obtain and couldn’t because they were too expensive, or applied for store credit and were rejected. 

Time Box: 1.5 weeks

Success Metric:

We are measuring the percentage of people in surrounding Sigatoka villages whom identify a product or store that they have had trouble purchasing for the above reasons stated in the assumption. This will be conducted with 30 people.

Green Light - Green light would be to investigate the proposed stores/products in surrounding Sigatoka areas as a channel for SoCon to operate.

Success point - If 60% of people interviewed identify a product/store that they could not obtain something from, with the issue stemming from lack of access to finance.

Orange Light- Iterate survey build and explanation of SoCon, visit different villages, etc.

Failure Point - if there is less than 30% of people that identify with the above assumption.

Red Light - Failure protocol would be to look into different avenues for finding similar products to the Buka stove that could be used for payment plans.

Experiment build:

1. Build out survey. This will include demographic questions so we can identify the segment, as well as questions on the products and stores that villagers want to access with finance

2. Organise village visits in accordance with the village visit SOP

3. Conduct village visits and survey villagers.

4. Analyse data and move to next steps.

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Wade Tink 5 months ago

Do you have a clearly defined customer segment here that will influence your experiment design and conduct? This appears to me to exist in the space of Customer Segment/Problem and you are engaging in customer interviews with a design thinking mindset...

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Jess Riley 5 months ago

Status label added: Under Review

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Jess Riley 5 months ago

Status label added: Proposed Experiment

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Fiona Aaron 5 months ago

Following from Tink's point, why are we focusing just on Buka Stove alternatives? Maybe taking a step back and researching loans that are given/requested and what they are for (and how much) is a better way to assess the market to know where we can offer services outside of fuel?

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