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[Project Summary] Health December 2018

The December Health Team had two primary focuses; doing the groundwork to facilitate the project’s focus on clinicians as a customer segment and preparing the research protocol for execution. The full outline can be found in the attached document, and an abridged summary can be found below.


The first focus broke down to two elements. Firstly, customer segment interviews and empathising were done to garner a deep understanding of the customer segments and synthesis of the problem statement. Secondly, offer testing experiments were designed, to validate the synthesised problem.

Customer segment posts:

Experiment design:

Experiment results:

Black label:

Offer testing posts:

Experiment design [1/2]:

Experiment design [2/2]: 


The second focus was stymied by the slowness of COMREC, the research ethics committee presiding over the research protocol, but the team did the work to prepare it for execution.

Research protocol post:

Experiment design:


The next team will execute on the offer tests outlined above, develop and execute currency tests, develop utility tests, and execute on the research protocol.



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