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[PROJECT SUMMARY]: Hidden Hunger Malawi - Project Summary December 18

December 2018 was the first month of Hidden Hunger. To date, we have surveyed 50 mothers in villages (predominantly in the Nancholi region), in order to identify early adopters (CSA) and begin problem definition (PD). We also aimed to reach out to organisations in the nutrition space for data, access or advice on nutrition (CSB). However, surveying mothers was the priority for the month.

The December 2018 executed on three experiments:

  1. Customer segment A (CSA):

  2. Customer segment B (CSB):

  3. Problem definition (PD):

Work results, updates and black labels can be found here:

  1. Customer segment A (CSA) results:

  2. Customer segment A black label:

  3. Customer segment B (CSB) update:

  4. Problem definition (PD) results:

Dec ‘18 has proposed 5 experiments for Jan ‘19 on crowdicity:

  1. Offer test (Weeks 1-2):

  2. Currency test (Weeks 3-4):

  3. Customer segment B (Weeks 1-4):

  4. False door test - Solution/Utility testing (Weeks 1-3):

  5. Buy/grow comparison - Solution/Utility testing (Weeks 2-3):

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