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[DEC 18] ERS Timor-Leste

December 2018 was a tough but productive month for ERS in Timor-Leste. After running autonomously since February our initial goal was to meet with our existing customers to gain feedback and get them to resign their contracts. The three BagPay customers gained in July - ProEma, Osteria and Samuana - have all since stopped their service. Osteria are likely to re-sign as a second chance for ERS so BagPay still seems like a viable option for smaller businesses. We did manage however to sign on a number of new customers as well as introduce a separate Premium and BagPay paper/cardboard collection. Feedback from existing customers varied and indicated that some tightening of business operations needs to be done. Aminu our truck driver is still doing a good job on collections, however, Aldo, Leo and Kevin have had some family issues and have been busy with uni which meant there were a couple hiccups with communications between them and ERS customers. The decision was also made to stop collecting glass and introduce cardboard/paper collection as an additional service, still with Premium and BagPay options. This was done because of the issues with glass collection, transport and difficulty of prototyping it. Our greenhouse prototype Greenhouse 3.0 was a huge effort and was completed early week 4. The prototyping team was able to head out for currency testing and begin the process of gauging interest in the new and improved greenhouse prototype.

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