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[Project Summary]: Fuel Timor-Leste December 2018

Following the inception of Fuel Sustainability in July 2018, our main goals for the month were to conduct offer and currency tests, and then to begin developing prototypes for the top two to three solutions. This involved determining whether individuals had a problem with their current method of cooking and if they would be interested in a solution to the problem(s).

Our first two weeks in country were heavily centered around empathising and offer testing with local populations in the regions of Dili/Dili Farms, Hera and Dare. After reaching our target of 70 offer tests, we had achieved Green Light to proceed onto currency testing. As the majority of individuals identified smoke or cost of fuel to be the main problem with their current cooking method, we proceeded with solution ideation, determining the best three possible solutions as a rocket stove similar to Fiji’s model, a wooden briquette press and biomass briquettes.

Currency testing was conducted within the final two weeks of project, and within that time the 70 household target was reached, with a 34% success rate achieving another green light. The currency tests involved selling one of three educational brochures, each one describing a different solution. The option to place a deposit was also included, however without a product to demonstrate not many were interested in this option. It was found the rocket stove solution was the most popular due to the familiarity of the design. While these tests were being conducted, the wooden briquette press and various briquettes were constructed for price testing.

We have commenced price testing with the prototypes created, however this will need to be concluded by the January team. Some contacts have been made towards possible manufacturers and suppliers, however these contacts will need to be strengthened and expanded. The prototypes created also require testing to ensure they perform as expected and will be suitable for our customers.

 All the next major steps for the January team will be posted on Crowdicity as experiments.

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