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[ADOPTED EXPERIMENT]: Health Malawi - Offer Test Clinicians (1/3) - Facebook Groups - January 2018


Lean Phase: Problem

Assumption: People within our customer segment identify with a particular way of describing a problem.

Time Period: January 2019 Project Weeks 1 - 2

Metric: Click Through Rate: Percentage of people that click on the link in the post.   


Green Light: Proceed with currency testing with currently identified early adopters.

Success point: 1%

Orange Light: Optimise the offer by describing it differently and retesting.

Failure Point: 2%

Red Light: Evaluate appropriateness of metric and conduct five further customer interviews with people within the customer segment to understand what about our offer was not sufficiently appealing. Based on this, modify the offer and/or the channel through which we test it.

Experiment Build:

The experiment will be quantitative and conducted through the channel identified; posts on Malawian medical Facebook groups. Through brainstorming our existing channels and measuring the respective return of investment (ROI), the team identified the most effective  to reach a large number of people within the customer segment is through the use of online medical groups.

Based on the results of identifying earlier adopters, and the insights gathered from previous interviews, the team identified that the most effective problem centric messages to target senior clinicians are ‘Increase quality of time with patients’ and ‘Get more quality time with your patients’. Using the call to action ‘Click on the link to find out more’ the team will be able to measure the response rate. This will be the metric through which success will be determined.

Because on facebook in the Malawian developing context there is no group or advertising channel that has a high level of saturation of our customer segment and therefore it is expected that there will be very few early adopters within this channel. However, the small amount of potential channels within this context justifies running this test regardless.  A successful engagement rate for a facebook post is above 1% therefore our success point of this metric is 1%. Whilst below 0.5% likely means that the post will need to be realigned with a new problem centric message thus making this our failure point.

Experiment Results:

[Insert Link to Experiment Results Post] 

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