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[Project Summary]: Solar Consulting - Malawi, Dec 18

The Solar Consulting team have hit the ground running in December, growing momentum for the summer to come. 

Very positive feedback was received on the benefits of the product, however, there were many maintenance issues. These are heavily linked to poor care of the product, and further educational practices were put in place. 

There has been an emphasis on increasing product distribution opportunities. This was executed through community meetings and face to face sales, along with exploring additional customer channels with a USSD system and poster advertisement. The sales pipeline was further developed as a result, with many other leads to follow.

Sales were made in Nancholi, as well as within central Blantyre. The expansion into central Blantyre was conducted due to the large market opportunity of upfront sales, that can be used fund further payment plans. There were 41 sales made in December, to produce a total of 118.

Following this, surveys were conducted in the Nancholi region in order to gain a greater understanding of potential seasonal difficulties and variabilities that might impact someone's ability to commit to a relatively large purchase.

It was an exciting month where are many avenues to pursue, experiments to conduct and lives to change. Have a look through the handover summary for all other information and further details. 




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Ella Grier Dec 28, 2018

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Fiona Aaron Jan 7, 2019

Sounds great! When can i expect to see experiments posted for January?

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