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[JAN 19] Channels (Facebook) - FarmEd Timor Leste

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Lean Phase: Channels



  1. That people are engaging in the Facebook page (likes, comments, shares, messages)


Time Period: 4 weeks


Success metric: % of people who

  1. Are early adopters for the application

  2. Engaging in the Facebook page - likes, comments, shares, messages




Green light: Continue to use Facebook as a communication/promotion platform.


Success point: If 60% of early adopters (Timorese farmers) on the page show interest/engagement


Orange light: Reassess Facebook as a communication/promotion platform. Analyse reasons why posts aren’t received well and analyse fixes/improves.


Red light: Find a new platform to communicate through.


Failure point: If 40% of early adopters show no interest/engagement with the Facebook page.


Experiment build:


  1. Make sure every reach made in person likes the Facebook page

  2. Send out the Facebook page link

  3. Measure their engagement by assessing the subheadings (likes, reach, etc.) within ‘Insights’



  • Make a post once a fortnight to keep the audience engagement



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