[Experiment Results]: Solar Consulting Malawi December 2018 - Nancholi Community Meetings Experiment

Reference to Experiment Post:

Lean Phase: Channels

Assumption: Community Meetings provide an effective means of ordering the product.



This experiment aimed to test a distribution channel through testing the feasibility of using community meetings as a means to directly generate sales. This experiment had the assumption that community meetings are an effective channel for community members to order and purchase the product. Our success metric was the amount of units sold.



Throughout December 2018, the PEV Solar Team conducted 12 community meetings. From these meetings, we have discovered that communication between PEV and village members with information regarding community meetings is unreliable and not scalable. PEV’s current business model relies on field guides and NAYO representatives to organise and communicate information to relevant parties. Furthermore, weather conditions influences attendance of meetings, as wet weather deters people from travelling to meetings. Moreover, running community meetings is resource heavy. Meetings are time consuming and require internal transport and logistics.

In conducting the 12 meetings, PEV reached approximately 264 community members. From these, approximately 214 did not have the product, thus were classified as potential customers. Through these community meetings, 21 sales were made - 8 upfront sales and 13 payment plans. This brings a conversion rate of sales:potential customers to 9.81%.


Actions on:

With this conversion rate, it is recommended that following teams should reassess how to most effectively conduct sales through Nancholi community meetings. This is heavily related into increasing the reach of communication and expanding the sales pipeline.


Further information in included in the [Master] document attached below. 

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