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[PROPOSED EXPERIMENT]: Hidden Hunger - Currency test - January 2019

Eliot Bonsey
Eliot Bonsey | Dec 20, 2018 | in Knowledge Base


Lean Phase: Unique Value Proposition

Purpose: To determine whether or not our customer segment would pay for a solution.

Assumption: Mothers are willing to pay for a minimum viable product (MVP) which solves the problem.

Time Box: January Weeks 3-4

Success Metric: 50% of customers are willing to pay for an MVP.


Green light: Proceed to Solution and Utility Testing.

Success point: 50% or more of mothers would pay for a solution.

Orange light: Assess responses and determine why they are not interested in a paid solution. Reiterate MVP based on current UVP.

Failure point: Less than 30% of respondents are willing to pay for our MVP.

Red light: Reiterate UVP based on problem definition (offer testing experiment).

Experiment build:

  1. Ideate MVP’s.

  2. Build MVP’s. For example, a brochure which describes fruits and veges to buy; an analysis of the best off-the-shelf products for nutrition (e.g. cereals); a paper version of the WSU app.

  3. Determine level of payment desired.

  4. Currency test the MVP in local communities.

  5. Review data.

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