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[WORK UPDATE]: Hidden Hunger Malawi - Customer segment (B) - December 2018

Caz Whitehead
Caz Whitehead | Dec 20, 2018 | in Knowledge Base

Reference the Experiment Design Post

To find the most efficient means of finding this customer segment by reaching out to groups working in the space.

Reassert Lean Phase: Customer segment

Reassert Assumption: Groups working in the space can provide advice and/or efficient means to find customer segments e.g. NAYO, UBALE, US Aid, National Nutrition Committee, Mary’s Meals, WFP, WHO, College of Medicine, Salvation Army.


1 meeting was held with PIHDC (Pakachere Institute of Health and Development Communications). Meeting minutes can be found here:

We met Patison, a member of the International Potato Society, in transit.

1 meeting is set up for January with The Hunger Project.

We did stakeholder analysis (WISHLOADs) of: Children’s Fund of Malawi, College of Medicine, Dept. of Nutrition, HIV and AIDS, Farmers’ Organisation Ltd., FINCA, Madalitso Kazembe, Mary’s Meals, NASFAM, NAYO, PIHDC, Seed Co., The Hunger Project, United Purpose, Valid Nutrition, Village Reach.

We sent emails (currently unresponded) to: Children’s Fund of Malawi, Dept. of Nutrition, HIV and AIDs, ICCO Organisation, United Purpose, Valid Nutrition. We also reached out to: SUN and Seed Co. via their websites.

December’s Stakeholder Contacts list:

Conclusion: The experiment will continue. The results are not clear enough as this experiment was not given priority during December.

Validated Learning:


- Claims that the women do a lot of farming, they know malnutrition

- Mothers don’t have the capability to search for a solution: education and background

     They have a problem

     Their only solution is having food on the table

- Culture: mother buys the food

- Our targets should be:

     Mothers who are farmers

     General farmers - Smallholder Farmers Organisation

- *We asked if there are education levels about healthy diets?

     Norman: some yes, some no

- Alangizi - village advisor - potential channel down the road

- Solution: thinks an app will be difficult

- Land problem: people rent

     The owner of the land has measures

     The owners farm the land themselves

- It would be better if the app changes what people grow

- Equipment prices means that it’s similar to grow and buy

     To farmers, growing is cheaper because they already have the equipment, setup and irrigation

- Idea: send a USSD to their phones

- Could use testimonials from S. Africa or India, pictures, proof of $

Next Move:

  1. Continue with Customer Segment B: see experiment post for January.

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