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[DEC 18] Channels - FarmEd Timor December 2018

Conor Young
Conor Young | 11 months ago | in FarmEd - Timor-Leste

Original experiment


Lean Phase: Channels



1. The Users have a method of cashless payment (MPESA).

NB: not the test assumption as initial sales can still be made via cash or MOA.

2. We a have a promising enough product that Coops, NGOs, charities and businesses would be interested in sharing their population access with us.


Results: We conducted meetings with the following groups Mautinoa Technologies, ADRA, CCT, Ministry of Agriculture, Mercy Corps, Kmanek, Timor-Telecom,


Mautinoa Technologies (Emerson): Through this group we have found that mobile money is being rolled out in Timor-Leste over the coming months. Initial roll out in Dili and around Dili areas will occur in January/February. After this the plan is for mobile money to spread to further regions of Timor Leste, which will occur in March. This is beneficial to FarmEd because this fills assumption one as it supplies FarmEd with one possible method of cashless payment. This has been a positive outcome.


Ministry of Agriculture (Cesar): Cesar is the secretary general of the ministry of agriculture in Timor-Leste. He conversed and met with us and discussed planning a meeting with village leaders/ extension workers in January. He requested that a proposal letter be sent, which has been accomplished. The January team will work to discuss establishing the application through the government channel. This has been a positive outcome.


Kmanek: Discussions were made with Kmanek supermarket group who have 600 farmers working for them. Kmanek indicated there interest in the application and future meetings will be made to discuss bundling of application to Kmanek. This has been a positive outcome.


Timor Telecom: Timor Telecom is one of three only telecommunication companies in Timor-Leste. We have conducted meetings with this company and they said that they will release an option to do mobile banking with them. This acts as a alternative to MPESA or mobile money. We were also in initial negotiations with respect to sending out a blast text. This is a neutral outcome, as there has been no further meeting planned or any transfer of value.


Mercy Corps Tate Munro: Mercy Corps is an NGO that has done extensive projects in Timor-Leste since 2008. They have an incubator program that helps small companies become bigger and make a difference in Timor-Leste. The company aims to improve food security and does so by going to farms. They build essential systems and teach locals how to use these systems. They have experience with app building as they have partnered with Go Jac app. This has been a positive outcome.


Ai-Com Rob Williams: Interested in the idea of the app. Liked the idea of the soil testing component of the application. Wants to see the application when the January team comes back. Wants to give advice and using the data from the application. This has been a neutral outcome


ADRA Matthew Whitty: Contact Matt when we have advances with the application or when we have bundle prices organised. He could potentially distribute to the regions he works in, also has good advice on app improvements. Can keep on collaborating when bringing new information. This needs further development though as there is no strong recognition that ADRA will purchase the app. Matt provided us with further contacts to communicate with in regards to the app. This has been a neutral outcome.

Next Move: The amount of positive relationships is above 65%. Whilst we had a neutral outcome with one channel this was not negative and in the future this could flip to a positive relationship. Continue harbouring positive relationships with the above channels as these will be very useful for scalability and large scale reach.


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