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Lean phase: Customer Segment


The aim of this post it to outline our customer segment and the demographics of each customer as well as their needs. Our main customer base are early adopters who are subsistence farmers who have access to a smartphone and reliable internet access.

Early Adopter Criteria 

Subsistence farmers in Timor-Leste are stressed and frustrated due to decreased crop yields as a result of pest invasion and destruction of their crops. Currently, they are experiencing heightened stress due to a lack of agricultural knowledge regarding pest treatment and identification. 

 The criteria for this early adopter customer segment has been defined as follows:

- Individual owns a farm 

- Individual owns an android smartphone (or person in customers immediate family who lives on said farm owns an android smartphone

- Individual is literate in Tetum

- Individual can afford an upfront payment of minimum $3 USD (for 3 month subscription to the FarmEd application)

- Individual is actively seeking assistance with pest and disease identification and management.

Customer Gains

The following needs have been identified:

- Greater crop quality 

- Increased income

- Increased knowledge regarding pest identification and treatment

- Lower stress levels

- Greater productivity

To address these needs the following must be established:

- Ways to provide information regarding pest and disease, including treatment and prevention

- More organic solutions for pest treatment 

- Greater reach 

Currently, FarmEd is interested in providing tailored information to those who fit our customer segment. Through targeting our customer segment, we hope to address the needs of farmers in Timor-Leste. 

Next Moves

Validating the solution

To validate the current solution, we will be using those sales made in July 2019 as case studies of the viability and utility of the app. Through the data and feedback collected from these case studies we will be able to determine the validity of the solution.

Currently, our early adopter criteria requires a customer to own and be able to operate a smartphone. However, through our survey points we have gathered data that opposes this smartphone penetration. Hence, the next steps are to continue to gather data and if this opposition is strong, we need to pivot the project in order to have a larger customer base or a more viable solution. 

Future customers

Once the application is developed further, the next step for FarmEd is to focus on achieving connection with farmers who are linked to business. Hence, we will start to target more businesses as our customer and have them distribute the app to farmers they are linked to. Through this relationship, it is the hope that our app will benefit from a trusted reputation and greater reliability. 

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