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Presently, Project Everest has identified that the main problem facing the agricultural sector in Timor-Leste is largely the lack of knowledge and education provided to farmers, which has lead to chronic instability in the food chain. From this, FarmEd has developed two solutions to this problem that, ideally, should be used in conjunction with each other. 


FarmEd App

The FarmEd application is a platform in which agricultural advice can be shared with farmers, without physical presence. This application aims to mitigate the problems stemming from pest and disease invasion. Currently, this app is being sold for $1USD for a month’s subscription, with a minimum of 3 months at initial sale.Pairing this app with a soil sensor could be beneficial through increased personalised data and valuable information and education.


Soil sensors

In July 2018, the FarmEd team established a sensor supply chain and tested the use of soil sensors through 5 case study participants. The results were positive, with a willingness to learn and use the instruments demonstrated. In July 2019, the FarmEd team sold 10 soil sensors. These sensors provide information on pH levels, moisture, and the amount of light in the soil. Overall, the aim of the soil sensors are to provide personalised information about the soil conditions of the farm. This information alongside agricultural advice will act as an educational tool. Agricultural advice will come from the FarmEd app. Currently, the soil sensors are being sold for $6USD, therefore the total of both app and sensor is $9USD (with the app being $3USD for a 3 month subscription). 


Next moves

FarmEd App

  • Test the utility and usability of the app

  • Apply any feedback from the current users. This includes working out if any additional features are needed and can be added to our product


Soil Sensors

  • Identify any useful additional features farmers may want-- is it viable to sell soil sensors with the extra testing features such as testing minerals in the soil. 

  • Identify if the soil sensors require an educational workshop so that farmers can understand how to properly use the sensors. 

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