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[Experiment Results]: FarmEd Sales - Fiji December 2018

Lean Phase:

MVP Prototyping. With the Beta platform of the MVP in hand the goal will be gathering information regarding the App to assess its reception and provide direction for updates



1. The Users have a method of cashless payment (MPAISA).

NB: not the test assumption (handled in another experiment) as initial sales can still be made via cash or MOA.

2. User experience is sufficiently positive as to result in successful purchase.

 Experiment Build:


Through our results from this sales experiment, we have established and validated a market for the app, given the high ratio of sales/MOUs signed vs total pitches of the app. This information allows the future FarmEd teams to continue pitching and selling the FarmEd app to farmers throughout the Sigatoka region of Fiji in a similar manner to the December 18 team.

  • Over the month of December, over 90 pitches were made resulting in 72 MoUs signed highlighting a high amount of interest in the FarmEd app in the Sigatoka region of Fiji.
  • Out of the 72 MoUs signed, 18 apps were sold on a subscription basis resulting in a profit of $162. The remaining majority were also very interested but preferred to pay when the application was released.
  • Although, there was high demand for the sensor, due to low stock only 12 sensors could be sold. This evidences higher sensor stock needs for future months as customers for the application were also very interested in purchasing the sensor.

Validated Learning:

Considering the results collected, it has been shown that the success metrics have been successfully met. It is evident that the majority of Fijian people are interested in the FarmEd app, as the majority of farmers have access to smartphones. Having access to smartphone is considered a critical aspect of making the decision to purchase the app. The experiment would therefore result in a green light, as farmers were well informed about the features and the value of the app by the FarmEd group, which helped farmers make an informed decision. There was a higher percentage of people that showed interested and made a payment in advance for a subscription of the app. Overall this shows the viability of the FarmEd app and its value.

Next move: 

The next move for the January team would be to continue the goals FarmEd I had in December. This includes further sales of the app along with assisting with the download of the app for farmers who paid in December. Surveys and gaining additional feedback on the app is another important task for the upcoming teams. 6 potential experiments have been added to the December Handover Document.


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