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[Channels] SoCon Fiji December 2018

The overarching channel SoCon has been using to create and distribute the payment plans is business to customer interaction. Key subdivisions of this channel include door to door sales, adoption of mobile money for repayments and SMS reminders. Within these two channels, there are many ways in which both the payment plans and the repayments are being delivered to customers and the business.


Door to door

SoCon has been contacting customers through door to door sales. This channel has been effective in selling payment plans to potential Buka stove customers who are unable to afford the product upfront. This method allows us to utilise time as effectively as possible to explain the payment plan in detail as well as enrol the customer into the payment plan. While it also helps us establish strong relationships with the community, in the long-term, this is not scalable.


Mobile Money

As the main channel for receiving payments from customers, mobile money has demonstrated itself as an efficient method to utilise. Two types of mobile money services include M-PAISA, which is a Vodafone service, and Digicel Mobile Money (DMM) which is a Digicel service.

Once a customer has expressed genuine interest in our payment plan, we would need to set up an account with either provider for them, ensuring they are aware that a deposit of $25 is ready in their account for transfer by the time we next visit. From our next visit onwards, after an MOU is signed, an application is successfully filed and the deposit is transferred, monthly repayments would be made through this service.


SMS reminders

SMS reminders are sent periodically to follow up on customer repayments, as well as confirmation of those payments. These messages are sent prior to payment due dates, when a repayment is made, when a payment is overdue and upon completion of the payment plan.


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