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[Solution]: Fuel Timor - July 2019

Lean Phase: Solution

Fugaun Seguru

The Fugaun Seguru (Safety Stove) delivers a solution to the previously identified most significant issue, large amounts of smoke produced in the cooking process. 

This is accomplished through the design of the product, it has an insulated chamber that improves the efficiency of burning fuel and directs the hot gas flow to the cooking vessel, ensuring almost complete combustion before the flames reach the cooking surface. As the stove burns more efficiently than a three-stone fire, cooking times are reduced, and less harmful substances are produced, thus improving respiratory health and reducing air pollution. Additionally, it consumes less firewood, saving costs in the long run. The design of the stove means that it is portable and lightweight and it is easy to repair in the rare chance that it breaks or becomes damaged. As the sister-product, the Buka Stove in Fiji has proven viable, it appears that the Fugaun Seguru can find similar viability in Timor. The design of the stove has been through a series of small adaptations to ensure the most effective and user-friendly design is in circulation. Blueprints for the current design can be found below. 

Next Steps: The next cell of the canvas involves the validation of distribution channels. The process of this has already been initiated by the July 2019 team, however, these validations will need to be further investigated by subsequent teams. Future teams should endeavour to validate which channels are most effective and begin expansion within these proven boundaries. 


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