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[Proposed Experiment for January] Fuel Fiji Dec 2018 - Distribution Channel (Village Meetings) 3/4

Haziq Ahmed
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Lean Phase: Supply Chain and Key Activities



1. That there are multiple customer segments in villages that we can target effectively in different ways, increasing the reach of our product,


2. That there is a customer segment that will be present at the Village meeting for various villages and will likely buy the Buka Stove.


Time Box: 4 weeks (Village Meetings every Monday)


Key Metrics:

  1. Number of potential leads generated in comparison to the people present at the village meeting

  2. Conversion of potential leads to closed leads


Success Criteria

Green Light Point – 40% of leads generated and 20% of stoves sold from the leads generated

Green Light Proceed:  Solidify the distribution channel by setting up an ordering and delivery system. Potentially hiring an employee to work with PEV at the Village Meetings


Orange Light Point -  20% - 40% leads generated and 10% - 20% of stoves sold from the leads generated.

Orange Light optimise:   Increasing marketing material, providing more information on the stoves and lowering the price point.


Red Light Point – Less than 20% leads generated and less than 10% of stoves sold from the leads generated

Red Light Failure: removing from that village and move on to repeating this test with other Villages


Experiment build:

  1. Reaching out to existing and new village headmen (Villages approached for Village Meetings so far Keiyasi, Nawamgi, Namatakula, Sanasana, Votualalai)

  2. Pitching Fuel to the villages

  3. Demonstrating the Buka Stove for the village

  4. Signing an MOU with the village chief

  5. Another 2 week period to supply the stoves and receive payments if more people express interest than the stoves taken

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